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We are grateful for the support of UJA Federation, our sustaining partner. We could not have accomplished any of this without the time, effort and skills of the many wonderful volunteers who are committed to helping preserve our community’s history. We are also grateful for both the record donors who entrust the OJA with their histories and for the financial supporters who provide the resources necessary to preserve this history. Thank you to our board members, advocates, and staff over the past 50 years without whom the OJA would not be the largest repository of Jewish life in Canada.

If you would like to add your support to the growing list of donors below, please reach out to Jordan at jglass@ujafed.org or visit our website at www.ontariojewisharchives.org/donate.

Thank you to our 50th anniversary donors

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Blankenstein, Waisglass & Goodman Families

Arthur & Shelley Gans

Barry & Nancy Freeman

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Leanne & David J. Matlow

Lou & Wendy Myles Endowment Fund

Bob Rubinoff

Penny Rubinoff

Leah Shopsowitz Fund

Nathan & Lily Silver Family Foundation

National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto

Susan & John Rose & Family

Rochelle Rubinstein

Eric & Marsha Slavens

Howard & Carole Tanenbaum & Family

Jack & Judy Winberg

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Martin Kelman & Gilda Tanz
Jill Reitman
Robert & Renee Rubinstein Charitable Foundation
Lili & Michael Shain Charitable Fund
Richard Stern

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Lisa Abram

Brian Allen

Donna Bernardo-Ceriz

Jodi & Eric Block

Henry Blumberg

Susan Bookbinder

David Chaikof

Adrienne Chambon

Ben Clodman Memorial Fund

Jerry Cooper

Vivian Felsen

Eric Freedlander

Margaret Fulford

Michelle Ghert

Elaine Gold

Shawn Goldberg

Anita Goren

Rachael Grad

Irving Green

S. Jeffrey Hertz

Lindsi Hollend

Shelley Hornstein

Paul Huntington

Ruthie Ladovsky Endowment Fund

Bess Lokach

Irving Matlow

Samantha Mogelonsky

Lisa Morrison & Zindel Segal

Susan Moses

Zachary Paikin

Paula Perlmutar-Oretsky

Jeremy & Hadassa Pertman Family Fund

Bryan Reingold

Jeffrey Rose

Joseph Rosenthal

Gella Rothstein

Brian Schnurr

Phillip Schreibman

Abe Schwartz

Gary Shiff

Ivor Simmons

Dara Solomon

Maureen Solomon

John Solursh

Jeff Springer

Evelyn Steinberg

Cyrel Troster

Gale Wakeam

Hannah Wasserman

Sheldon Zelunka

Danny Zigelman